lissa evans Photography

"Shout out to Lissa Evans: It has happened too many times to count. I see one of her images and words are tumbling quickly from my brain unto paper. When the downpour stops I am amazed by the poetry that has flowed. Both her and her husband (the maker of trees with wire) are incredible artists and I am so honored I am allowed to visit their art. If you have not yet seen their art I highly suggest it. Lissa's images have thus spoken to me and my spirit has answered with words. 

I wonder what her magical talent will do for you."
                                                                                                                                                                               -Rebecca 2019

Contact Lissa to arrange a home tour of Two Mountain Studios and Gardens. Kirk and Lissa Evans are located near Thousand Palms Oasis in Indio Hills...never more than 30 minutes away.

Photography and Hand-twisted Copper Wire Sculpture. 760.464.2971