lissa evans Photography

"Lissa, I just wanted to tell you how much joy your picture brings. I keep it displayed in my bedroom and no matter how the day is going, it always brings a sense of calm to me. Thank you again....... your talent is remarkable."

                                                                                                          -Tammie 2017

Under a deal that transferred increasing amounts of water to San Diego, water flowing to the Sea have been cut sharply since 2018. The Salton Sea is shrinking rapidly. It was home to more than 425 bird species and time is literally running out. Toxic dust threatens a multi-state area. If solutions are not carried out, we will have a massive health, environmental and economic crisis. 

With her images, Lissa captures the magnificence of the migration, the serenity of the reflecting sea, and the colorful stories of the people. This is the Salton Sea, its beauty and its uncertain future.

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"Rubik's Cube" 

South Salton Sea

"Alphabet Series"

Desert Beach Pier, Salton Sea 2017

View Lissa's video Salton Sea: A Sea out of Focus


The Salton Sea: Beyond the Broken

Weird and beautiful landscape littered with broken dreams. Modern ruins, no boundaries, no signs that say “watch your step”. The Salton Sea will challenge you to look and imagine.

I grew up in the Salton Sea area and have loved and grieved this place most of my life. Your photographs are like prayers. -Catherine 2018