Lissa Evans is a fine art photographer based in Idyllwild and the Coachella Valley. Her home/studio, Two Mountain Studios, is located in Indio Hills. She is best known for her “Intimate Landscapes” which capture simple and effortless beauty. She is an advocate for the Salton Sea and teaches a workshop: Tips for Photographing the Salton Sea. Her new video entitled "The Salton Sea: A Sea Out of Focus" can be viewed by clicking here.
She is currently developing her unique “batik-style” photography inspired by her years living in Indonesia. It is an exploration of texture, color and layers where every layer has a story.
Lissa's images show that she approaches a subject without judgement and captures its quintessential essence. Her goal is to change the way people look at the planet, to see without assumptions. Her photography has garnered many awards throughout Riverside County and Redlands including Best of Show and Peoples’ Choice. Her images are featured on the short film, “Timberline”.

All images on this site may be purchased as prints (matted, metal, canvas wrap, etc.) and/or greeting cards.

"Lissa's images:

where poems are born effortlessly." 

my story

Hand-twisted cooper wire tree sculptures by ​KIRK EVANS

Lissa and Kirk Evans at Idyllwild Art in the Park. -Photo Credit Julie Pendry

lissa evans Photography

"You have such a talent, Lissa! The vision you have through your lens stirs the heart. The most often tapped emotions in me when viewing your captures are awe, wonder, appreciation, and the giddy playful skip of the little girl cuddled deep with in me. Thank you for that gift."
                                                  -Lorra -January, 2016​