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Jim is that rare thing

A poet of place. A man of the West, equally at ease in the city as he is in the wild, his poems make us feel the presence of a compassionate and perceptive eye that never judges and never fails to love his subject.

-Anita Harmon

   a peek inside...

 an excerpt from Jim's poem


"...our faces share one breath,

one scent, your scent of Spring

like the Spring when I tripped and you

caught my laugh.

You used to keep the laugh

cupped in your delicate hands;

put it on my plate

each morning.

That is the exact opposite

of loneliness I whisper

in the dark."



Collected Poems by Jim Whiteman,

Published by his sister Lissa Evans

$17 includes shipping

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"All that matters in poetry is truth" - Jim Whiteman (1955-2013)